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Ryte version 6.0 - from OnPage Optimization to a holistic view of your website from a user perspective

It's all about your users

An excellent user experience is essential for the success of your website and is becoming more and more in focus. That's why Ryte has evolved to focus on Website User Experience (WUX) with V6. Under WUX we summarize all angles that are necessary for your digital success from a user perspective.

This enables true collaboration with different stakeholders. The platform is easy to use, creates transparency within your organization and helps you show the value of your work internally.

If you've been working with our old navigation (Website Success, Content Success and Search Success), you're in for a treat!

New in version 6.0

  • Website User Experience

  • New navigation

  • Accessibility

  • Cookies Report

  • Network Requests Report

  • Historic Crawls

  • Data Explorer

  • Custom Snippets

  • Sustainability

  • Report Gallery

  • and more

Website User Experience - the 6 pillars

Ryte is moving completely to version 6 to usher in the era of website user experience. So that you can already test what new possibilities you get through WUX, we are setting a free trial period* for all users of the older versions.

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