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Tips for your Easter egg hunt – or how to discover hidden website potentials!

Easter is just around the corner – and we can’t wait to get started on hunting Easter Eggs! Maybe the Easter Bunny has even hidden a few eggs on your website that you haven’t found yet. We’ll help you find them!

At first glance, everything on your website might seem to be in order. Pages load quickly, they’re accessible… but if you look more closely, you can always find a few elements that have been neglected which over time, and which can lead to a loss in performance.

1. Mobile User Eggsperience

How do you plan your way from A to B? The Easter Bunny is mobile and always on the go. Of course, that’s why he uses a smartphone (as well all do in pretty much every online activity we do). Mobile user experience on websites is becoming even more important – with mobile indexing and the Core Web Vitals becoming ranking factors. So make sure your implement a mobile first approach – optimize your mobile website first, and then scale up to desktop. This way you can protect yourself from rotten eggs!

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2. Good infrastructure

The Easter bunny is hopping from house to house, leaving a trail of eggs behind him. But what if the quality of the roads is poor? He won’t get very far – or even worse, he might injure himself. So make sure that the information architecture of your website is optimised and regularly check whether link targets are still accessible, and that all your pages are listed in the sitemap.

3. Providing all necessary information

Mmmmh, these chocolatey eggs are delicious. But suddenly your throat starts to itch – is it an allergic reaction? But you had checked the ingredients, it seems not everything was included! What a scandal! And it could be expensive for the chocolate-egg maker. In order not to have to spend your marketing budget on unnecessary fines, make sure that your website’s tracking scripts are GDPR-compliant and that all stored information is correct and up-to-date. You can also check this quickly and easily with Ryte – learn more about it in this article.

In addition to the particularly good hiding places for Easter treats, there are some that we always overlook – aka Low Hanging Fruits:

Ryte-Eastern-Campagen_Magazine-3-1 StoryblokMigration

4. Optimising for quick wins

A familiar scenario for many: the children are up early on Easter Sunday because they’re excited about the egg hunt! But they don’t find anything even after searching and searching. Sometimes just a little help can make all the difference. Try new titles and descriptions for your keywords with good rankings but low CTR. Tip: With Ryte, you can easily filter these keywords and even test such changes immediately via the SEO A/B testing feature and directly see the effects on your search performance.

5. Questions about Easter

Questions that we ask ourselves just before the Easter season: When is the Easter Bunny coming? Why and how is the Easter Bunny related to Easter? How do you dye Easter eggs? Why does the Easter Bunny hide eggs? and so on. You can find answers to all these questions on Google. Have you ever thought about the fact that your website visitors might also have questions about topics related to your products? No? Then it is high time you thought about it! Take a look at your search performance data to find the first clues. Otherwise, Google Search and Google Suggest can help. In addition to helpful tools such as answerthepublic, you can also use Ryte and create a segment that provides you with quick insights into longtail keyword potential such as W-questions. By integrating such questions, you can quickly bring your users to their destination – and perhaps even achieve a nice rich snippet in the SERPs through appropriate markup. 🤩

Don’t wait too long before you start searching – otherwise you’re more likely to find rotten eggs and melted chocolate soon… 🤐

Do you need help or support finding the hiding places? Then take part in our Easter contest! 🐇🐰🥚!

  • What you can win: A personal crawling session of your website with our technical SEO expert Izzi Smith

  • How you can take part: We have hidden three Easter eggs on our website – find them, collect them with one click and then all you have to do is fill out a form to enter our draw.

  • Conditions of participation can be found at: https://en.ryte.com/about/conditions/

With a little luck, you might be the lucky one and win a private website analysis with Izzi! We are keeping our fingers crossed for you! 🤞✊

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Published on Mar 31, 2021 by Olivia Willson