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Save and share your Search Engine Optimisation reports – for better teamwork and easier reporting!

Our latest feature in Search Engine Optimisation helps make your teamwork and reporting more efficient – with saving and sharing reports, you can easily access those reports you spend time and effort building, and share them with colleagues.

Performing in-depth analysis to generate actionable insights about search performance is a time-consuming effort. When you have eventually pinned-down that ranking drop, you want to share it with your colleague - for a second opinion. Or you just want to continue to refine your analysis where you had stopped last week - without having to apply all those filters again.

All relevant customisations to your Search Engine Optimisation reports (like changing the report date range or applying specific  filters) are reflected on the URL. This means you can share the reports with colleagues, and you can save them directly to the Search Engine Optimisation Overview.

Figure 1: View your saved reports

Then you will see a list of your saved reports, including which team members created the report.

Figure 2: Saved Reports overlay

Your Benefits

Saving reports will help you save time as you can easily resume previous work and easily access the data you need. This is especially useful if you regularly perform in-depth analyses or have incorporated metrics from Search Engine Optimisation into your reporting workflows.

Sharing reports will mean you will easily be able to share reports with colleagues or stakeholders - either to get a second opinion, help them out with finding the data they need, or for reporting purposes. By being able to share the report by sharing just one URL, you save time - as does the second person who wants to see the report as they won’t have to build the report from scratch themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the person with whom you are sharing the report need to have a Ryte account?

No, users with who you are sharing the report do not need to have a Ryte account! However, when they get the invitation to view the report, they will be added to your account as a user.

Are there any exceptions to being able to save and share reports?

You can save all reports except Anomalies, A/B Testing, and Ranking Development.

Is there a limit on how many reports I can save?

No, you can save as many reports as you like.


Saving and sharing reports helps you save time, as you can resume previous work easily, get to the data you want to report more quickly, and can easily share reports with others to get a second opinion or report to stakeholders.

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Published on May 17, 2021 by Olivia Willson