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How to prove the value of your SEO with the new traffic monetization feature

What is the value of SEO? You’ve probably asked yourself this question many times. We have introduced a new feature that shows you the monetary value of your organic traffic, so you can see the true value of SEO.

The new traffic monetization feature will make it easier to persuade stakeholders, clients and superiors of the importance of SEO, and why it should be given a higher status, priority and more budget in your company.

How does the traffic monetization feature work?

The traffic value is calculated using cost-per-click data from Google Ads Keyword Planner, and traffic data for the keywords your project is ranking for.
The number of individual clicks of keywords/country is multiplied with the individual CPC of the respective keywords. The data is shown for all keywords your project is ranking for, therefore you see an overall monetary value for your organic traffic.

As your website traffic and rankings are dependent on your clicks, this also shows you the value of your rankings. Imagine if your traffic suddenly dropped, and you would have to spend that amount per week on Google Ads to get your traffic numbers back up again!

Advantages of the traffic monetization feature:

  • As your organic traffic is dependent on your rankings (the better your website ranks for a keyword, the more users who come to your site), a drop in rankings will quickly represent a drop in your traffic value. You will therefore be able to see the cost of a drop in traffic, which could be for example due to a Google update or competitors outperforming your domain.

  • It gives you a concrete indication of the value of your organic traffic. This should help you persuade stakeholders of the importance of SEO, particularly because it shows how much money the company would need to invest in Google ads to maintain the level of organic traffic.

  • You can show the concrete change over time of the value of your organic traffic, helping to prove the success of your SEO measures.

  • It will be easier to prioritise segments or parts of the website that have a higher traffic value.

You can see your weekly traffic value on the Search Success dashboard. This is displayed as a graph over time. If you have already imported the maximum amount of data, you will be able to see traffic value from 16 months before you became a Ryte customer.

Figure 1: Traffic monetization in Search Success overview

Who can use the report?

All Business Suite customers have access to the traffic monetization feature, including the import of CPC data from Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Basic Suite customers see the traffic monetization overlay and can manually enter an average CPC value. This way, they can still get an overview of the monetary value of their organic traffic and how it changes over time.


Do you find it difficult to persuade your superiors of the value of SEO? The new traffic monetization feature should make it easier for you to prove the value of your SEO efforts, and elevate the level of SEO in your company.

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Published on Nov 12, 2019 by Olivia Willson