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How Does It Work?

You can become an affiliate by following a few easy steps:

  • 01Apply to our affiliate program
  • 02We will check and approve your application
  • 03Gain access to our affiliate tool where you can find your tracking ID and a variety of advertisements.
  • 04Promote our product and use your tracking ID for referrals
  • 05If a user converts within 90 days after clicking your link, he will be attributed to you
  • 06You will be rewarded for leads and sales according to our commission rates

Ways Of Promotion

The easiest way to promote our product to generate leads and sales is to select a few advertisements, place them on your website, and wait for users to click and convert.

Of course you’re not limited to banner advertising. You can promote our product however you like - via social media, e-mail, or product reviews. Just make sure your personal tracking code is always implemented.

Please contact us first if you want to promote our software via PPC.

What can you earn?

Our standard commission rates are as follows:

  • 10 % lifetime commission for sales: as long as a customer you acquired stays with us, you’ll get a monthly 10% share - including for additional bookings and upgrades.
  • 2.50 € for every valid new Free 360° Ryte Trial Signup: please note that we need to validate every trial sign up.


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