Training Period: 0 Days,
thanks to an intuitively designed user interface.

About eology

eology is a full-range service provider for holistic Search Engine Marketing. We focus on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization. The firm was founded in 2010 by Axel Scheuering and Daniel Unger. In 2009, we took part in the global „Google Online Marketing Challenge“, with 2.187 teams from all over the world, and finished up second. As a reward for this outstanding performance, we were granted the marketing prize from the Marketingclub Mainfranken. This was the key to starting up our very own agency.

Since 2010, our team of 25 Online Marketing experts has been successfully involved in the search engine business. Based in the small town of Volkach, eology provides the highest density of Search Engine Optimizers in any German city.

It is our aim to do everything in our power to help our customers in the online world. Our success is based on customers who feel that they are in good hands and who love to recommend our company. Therefore, transparency is one of the most vital components of our company. Our customers know for sure, what we do for them and how our measures operate. That’s why we are always in close contact with our customers. We keep them updated with frequent reports and also work together in-house. eology is a Google partner and ranks among the 100 most important German SEO service providers on the iBusiness list.

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  • Training period: 0 days
  • Intuitive operation
  • Rapid analyses
  • Customers conduct the analyses themselves

Customers take charge of the analyses themselves

Our customers want us to improve their Search Engine Rankings. In order to achieve that goal, it is extremely important to analyze their websites right down to the last detail and to identify possible optimization strategies. We need an initial website analysis to identify optimization potentials already in the first place. With this information, we can provide our customers with an appropriate SEO strategy. Already this very first step takes up a lot of time. This is a very time-consuming process and is therefore the reason we initially began searching for optimization tools. In search of such a tool, we encountered Ryte. Shortly after, it became clear that we would never want to go without the tool ever again. Thanks to Ryte, we are now able to identify potentials and develop OnPage SEO strategies much faster.

In order to improve the quality of our SEO consultation, we were in urgent need of a professional OnPage SEO tool. Our ambition is to offer our customers the highest possible quality of consultation. That’s why we were wondering if a tool like Ryte would be able assist us with that ambition. As things turned out, it certainly does. Since using Ryte, our SEO customers benefit highly from it. As they do not need to analyze the website for days on end themselves any more, our SEO consultants are now able to work on far more SEO projects at the same amount of time. After all, Ryte does it for them now! Our consultants can instead use that precious time for a detailed analysis of data from Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster Tools. Like that, we are now able to consult our customers on a more professional and profound level. We are positive that we will never miss any opportunity of OnPage SEO optimization.

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Our SEO consultants are glad that Ryte relieves them of a lot of their tedious analyzing tasks. Instead, they can spend more time on our projects - which pleases our customers!

Axel Scheuering
CEO of eology GmbH

The approach

eology uses Ryte for SEO consultations, but also uses it for customer acquisition. It helps us to get a grasp of the extent and effort needed for each client. Because of this, each customers receives an individualized SEO optimization plan containing the professional analyses of Ryte.

Ryte is of course equally as important for the Search Engine Optimization of our customers’ websites. The tool helps us to save a lot of time allowing us to put it to use elsewhere. Ryte reliably detects gross SEO mistakes such as duplicate content and saves us the time it would have taken us to detect such mistakes. That way we can turn our attention to things such as the customized prioritization of our SEO recommendations.

For some of our customers it is also important that they can also access the results of the analysis themselves. Therefore we enabled access for these customers to be able to decide and look at the next steps together.

Ryte - benefits for our business

As a professional SEO service provider, we have been using a range of different SEO tools for years, including tools for the backlink analysis and for monitoring rankings, but also OnPage SEO tools and Google. Compared to these tools, Ryte stands out primarily because of its intuitive user interface. There was no need to train our employees, they were able to use it right away. That was definitely not what we are used to!

Mind-blowing KPIs

  • Training period: 0 days, thanks to an intuitively designed user interface
  • Number of SEO projects: doubled (now that we are using Ryte, we analyze twice as many websites than before)
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