- from 0 to 100 in one year!

“It was and still is important to us to communicate how we approached the creation of digital content in a sustainable way, and how we established data-driven workflows permanently. We relied on the support of Ryte’s user-defined snippets from the start. Our digital strategists then developed a training concept which continuously accompanies our processes - both in an advisory and operational capacity.”

– Christian Sattel, Head of Digital Products Health, BurdaLife

Launch a health portal in 2016 and compete against established players such as Netdoktor and Onmeda? Can't work?
Challenge accepted: This is how from Burda rocks!

Anyone who has never heard of Burda Publishing knows at least some of the magazines published: Chip, Focus, Playboy, InStyle, Bunte - the list of well-known productions is long. What was missing so far was a health portal on the Internet. The idea for was born.

The requirements

To successfully prevail against the competition already established on the market, meticulous planning, a well thought-out strategy and a great deal of ambition and stamina are required.

From a technical point of view, this means that all further technical developments should be accepted in a staging environment before they are deployed. Possible bugs should not even appear on the live website. So two projects were created in Ryte, one for the Dev environment and one for the Live environment. Immediately after a deploy to Live, a crawl with Ryte was started and the update was checked again. screenshot

The Process

From a content perspective, Ryte supports the evaluation of almost all key figures relevant for the success of the project, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console data. This includes classic problems such as too long meta titles, checking the headline structure, etc. - the SEO Basics. Ryte also provides fantastic support in the analysis of status codes (redirects, not accessible pages).

All of this is no problem thanks to the user-defined snippets.

user-defined snippets

Example of a user-defined counter. Source: Ryte

The weekly check remains important. This ensures that existing problems are fixed as quickly as possible.

Tip: Play around with the custom snippets! At the latest you will get almost everything out of it.

Thanks to the very clear and user-friendly Ryte interface, not only the SEOs, but also the editors and techies work with the Ryte Software Suite with reports tailored to their needs.

Ryte is not only a reliable and flexible tool provider but also a great partner for tricky questions and problems. - Dominik Horn, SEO strategist, network strategist.

Dominik Horn,
SEO-Stratege, netzstrategen

The result

From 0 to 100 in one year! In numbers, this means an increase in the visibility index from 0 to 19. And as far as clicks and impressions in Google are concerned, an increase of 1,500%.

If all this is broken down to a meta level, the quality of can be sustainably maintained at a very high level with the help of Ryte. A clear thematic focus (including optimization and merging of existing articles as well as index control) helps to become an authority.

Tip: Much can be simply converted, if one knows, for whom one does this #personas

with Ryte: in one year from 0 to 19 visibility points
Sistrix: in one year from 0 to 19 visibility points
with Ryte: 1,500% growth in one year
Development of clicks (blue) and impressions (turquoise) on Google - approx. 1,500% growth in one year. Source: Google Search Console