Quantify your success with our KPI reporting features

KPI reporting is vital for tracking progress and showing stakeholders the value of your work. Ryte’s multiple KPI reporting features mean you can easily report the metrics that make sense for your business, and easily quantify success to stakeholders.

  • Identify KPIs most relevant to you and incorporate them into your daily workflow

  • Benefit from a range of metrics so you can report the data most relevant to your business

  • Track progress and easily report and quantify your success to stakeholders

What makes Ryte the perfect tool for KPI reporting?

Identify KPIs relevant to your business

Choose which key performance indicators make the most sense for your business needs. With traffic monetization data, search performance overlay graphs, website health metrics, and a variety of scores for technical website quality, search performance and content quality, the Ryte Suite offers marketing professionals no end of metrics to monitor and quantify success with.

Integrate reporting into your workflow

Decide on your relevant KPIs and set up the necessary processes. Set up keyword and page segments so you can track their progress over time. Add keywords to Keyword Monitoring and monitor their performance. Set up ranking goals for your keyword segments - for example that a % of the segment should rank on page 1 - so you and your stakeholders can be sure you’re on track.

Report relevant search performance metrics

Track your search performance year-on-year with the Google Visibility overlay. See by how many percent the keywords you’re ranking for has increased over a time period of your choosing. Monitor your keywords and see if you are achieving your goals.

Report the impact of marketing campaigns on performance

Evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and find out how they impact your KPIs. Add customised calendar events so you can easily track the impact of campaigns on organic traffic, including for specific domains.

Present success to stakeholders and clients

Export Dashboards and overviews as PDFs to easily report to stakeholders and clients. Benefit from detailed explanations in reports so beginners and experts alike can easily understand the data you are presenting.

Report KPIs on the go

With the mobile-friendly Dashboard and SES Overview, you can access your KPIs from wherever you are. Benefit from Dashboards with a clear user interface so you don’t let clutter get in the way of the metrics you want to see. With Automated Insights, you can be sure you are seeing the most relevant data on your dashboards.

Receive expert opinions for finding more growth potential

Our in-house Customer Success managers are here to help. Hit by a core update, undergoing a tricky relaunch, or have any questions in mind? We’re Ryte by your side, through it all!

  • Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to support you when you have questions, want some advice, or just fancy a chat.

  • Receive dedicated onboarding sessions to help you and your team get the best possible results out of the Ryte Suite

  • Benefit from regular training sessions so you stay up to date with the latest features

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