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Keep on top of how your website is performing on Google with the News Feed

With Ryte’s News Feed on the Search Success Overview, you can constantly stay up to date about how your website is performing on Google without having to look through individual reports.

The News Feed on the Search Success Overview displays automated insights from the Keyword Cannibalisation Report, Keyword Monitoring, Anomaly Detection and CTR Underperformer Report. You can view the News Feed on the Search Success Overview, and you can get these notifications into Slack. Read this article to find out more about the slack integration.

You can also check your News Feed easily on your phone whilst commuting to work, or at the breakfast table! That way, you can be ready to start with optimizations as soon as you get into work.

Currently, automated insights on the News Feed are available for:

  • Keyword cannibalisations

  • Detected anomalies

  • Alerts you have defined in Keyword Monitoring

  • Underperforming keywords

You can filter for notifications in the News Feed if you just want to see one.

Figure 1: News Feed on the Search Success Overview

Automated Insights for Keyword Cannibalisation

When your website is growing quickly, it’s difficult to keep track of all the different types of content you offer. Maybe you have an online shop that is offering more and more products (that might be similar to a certain extent). Your blog is filling up with valuable and engaging articles, but at some point topics can start to overlap. Maybe even a team starts a new project to market their latest innovative products through their own CMS.

If you don’t have a mechanism in place that avoids duplicate (or similar) content, sooner or later you will see that search engines get confused about which of your URLs should rank for a certain keyword. Google performs tests to try and work out what is the most relevant page. But you shouldn’t leave this kind of important decision up to Google!

This is where Ryte can help. With the Ryte automated insights, we show information about new, relevant cannibalising keywords in the News Feed on the Search Success Overview so you are proactively informed about cannibalisations. This means you can:

  • Rest assured that you stay informed about keyword cannibalisations that crop up on your website. You don’t even need to look into the keyword cannibalisation report, but are informed immediately on the Search Success overview.

  • Get greater accuracy of keyword cannibalisations over time or hide them from the timeline, this helps train our machine learning algorithms to separate relevant from irrelevant cannibalisations.

Automated Insights for detected anomalies

With Ryte’s anomaly detection feature, you can automatically identify irregularities in your search performance, both positive and negative. You can even set up email alerts to be notified of your anomalies per email. Now, with Ryte’s brand new automated insights, we show your search performance anomalies that you have defined on the Newsfeed on the Search Success Overview. This means you get an even clearer overview of updates in your search performance and can now view them all in one place.

Figure 2: News Feed

Automated Insights for Keyword Alerts

Keyword alerts are great for when you want to track the performance of the keywords most important to your brand in more detail. In our Keyword Monitoring report, you can set up alerts to be notified per email when keywords drop or gain in click, impression, CTR or ranking for a percentage of your choosing. Now, when you set up these keyword alerts, they will also be visible as part of the News Feed on the Search Success Overview!

Automated insights for underperforming keywords

As of December 2021, CTR underperformers are also available in the New Feed. Underperforming keywords are kewords that rank highly, but receive a low CTR than they should considering their high position. If high ranking keywords are not getting many clicks, they are at a risk of dropping in rankings. That's why you should stay on top of these keywords and adjust their meta titles and descriptions to give them a chance of staying at the top.

Search Success Overview on Mobile

The Search Success Overview is now mobile responsive! This means you can see your News Feed and automated insights easily on your mobile device in case you want to check your News Feed on your way to work.

Figure 3: News Feed on mobile


Our automated insights available as the News Feed on the Search Success overview help you to save time, as you can find out important updates via the overview or via Slack, and don’t need to go into individual reports to stay informed. The Ryte team will continue to expand on this feature, and will be incorporating more Automated Insights into the News Feed in the future!

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Published on Feb 4, 2021 by Olivia Willson