4 min 22.01.2018

How to Use HTML Heading Tags Correctly

Content on websites can be structured using the HTML heading tags h1 to h6, but what are the guidelines for using these tags, and how can Ryte help you? In this article, we provide you with information and practical tips for optimizing the heading structure of your website.


3 min 17.01.2018

Customize Ryte Reports Using Google Analytics Data

With a Ryte PRO account, you can combine your Ryte account with Google Analytics.


3 min 09.01.2018

Optimize Your Website with the OnPage Score

In this article, we explain how you can use the OnPage Score from Ryte to optimize your website. The OnPage Score is an indicator of how good your website is - it shows you your website's level of optimization and allows you to monitor website success over time.


3 min 21.12.2017

How to Write the Best Meta Descriptions for SEO

A perfect meta description is key to attracting users to your website from the SERPs. In this article, we give you some useful tips about how to write great meta descriptions.


4 min 01.12.2017

Key Figures for Your Website's Success: the OPI in Practical Use

The Ryte dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of the most important KPIs on your website.


3 min 11.09.2017

The Ryte FREE Account in Detail

In this article, you can find out about the comprehensive features of the Ryte FREE Account, and how you can use these features to optimize your website.


4 min 04.07.2017

TF*IDF with OnPage.org - Even More Overview in a New Interface

Since Google has been more intensively evaluating the quality of websites with the Panda update, text optimization should be the focus of your OnPage optimization. The WDF*IDF tool from OnPage.org can help you in this.


2 min 14.06.2017

An Overview of the Ryte Dashboard

The Ryte dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the most important website KPIs. Read this article to take full advantage of all the dashboard has to offer.


3 min 22.05.2017

Key KPIs on the Ryte Dashboard

The Ryte dashboard is a platform that allows users to identify their historical, current and potential website performance at one glance.


3 min 17.11.2016

Ryte Search Success – Directly Use Ranking Data from Google

For search engine operators, data in the Google Search Console are a real El Dorado, but unfortunately there is a slight limitation. All ranking data and keywords are only available for a maximum of 90 days.


4 min 08.10.2016

How to Easily Monitor Your Robots.txt File

In this article, we explain the importance of the robots.txt file, and how you can monitor your robots.txt with Ryte's software to ensure a great website performance.


2 min 12.09.2016

Link Your Google Account with Ryte for More Detailed Analysis

Link Your Ryte account with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account to give you access to key performance data from Google.


4 min 14.04.2016

Five Analyses with Ryte

In this article, we explain 5 analyses that are possible with the Ryte software.


2 min 06.04.2016

OnPage’s Twelve: Focus Bookmarklet

Only a few days have passed since our final article of the successful "OnPage’s Eleven" blog series. Well, our team at OnPage.org did not stop at that. We are happy to announce another new feature of our software: The Focus Bookmarklet.


5 min 23.03.2016

OnPage’s Eleven No. 11 - Tweak & Go: Shortcuts and tricks

Every week, one of our superheroes tells you about a feature of our new OnPage.org version – that is OnPage’s Eleven! This article is the last of our successful blog series and will show you useful shortcuts and tricks that come in handy when working with OnPage.org.


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