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Guide to the Business Suite Account

The Business Suite account is the biggest and best of all Ryte accounts. As a Business Suite customer, you have access to all features. You can also analyze your website as often as you like.

With the Business Suite, you can:

  • Analyze thousands of URLs daily (the exact number is customizable)

  • Analyze your mobile and dynamic websites

  • Integrate data easily into your daily workflow

  • Analyze your website’s page speed in detail

  • Benefit from as many users and projects as required

  • Get dedicated help from a key account manager

In this article, we list some of the most prized features you get with the Business Suite account.

State of the art crawling technology

We launched our new High-Performance Crawler in February 2019, just for our Business Suite customers. It’s faster, more precise and more powerful than ever before. It can analyze millions of URLs per crawl and can render and crawl JavaScript to give you a detailed analysis of your dynamic website.

You can customize your crawl with over 15 different configurations, or you can analyze specific elements with regex. This gives you the flexibility to analyze the subset of data that is relevant to you, for example, if you just want to analyze one subdomain, or the web pages ranking for a specific keyword set.

API access

Business Suite account users can export data with the API, as well as per PDF and CSV. With the Ryte API, you can easily export the report data you need from Website Success to use in different applications and tools. You can make sure the data fits into your daily workflow to make your work more efficient, saving you time and resources looking through a number of different tools.

Detailed page speed analysis

The new page speed report (available only with the JavaScript crawler, therefore only to Business Suite customers) analyzes all of your website’s URLs, and classifies your website’s pages as ok, slow, or very slow. The report is based on the metrics time to first byte and time to first interaction. These are the metrics used by Google in its page speed optimization tool, PageSpeed Insights, so you can be sure these metrics are highly relevant for users and search engines!

With the page speed report, you can identify in bulk your slow pages that urgently need to be fixed, so you can be sure that visitors can easily access the content they need, and stay on your page longer, leading to an increased conversion rate and ROI.

Figure 1: Page Speed report in Website Success

Mobile crawl

We launched the mobile crawl to make it easy for you to analyze the mobile version of your website. After all, over 60% of users surf the internet on their mobile devices today, and according to Google research, 53% of mobile site visitors leave if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This feature means you can find and fix errors and performance issues specific to your mobile website, so you can ensure high conversion rates on your mobile site.

Traffic monetization

The traffic monetization feature gives organic traffic a monetary value. We import CPC data from Google Ads, and show this data for all the keywords of your project combined, so you can see how much money you would have to spend on Google Ads if you no longer had the same value of organic traffic. This is especially useful for persuading clients and stakeholders of the value of SEO, helping you to win pitches, and ensure you get the budget you need to carry out your valuable optimization measures.

Figure 2: Traffic monetization feature on the Search Success overview

CTR underperformer report

The CTR Underperformer Report helps you easily identify and prevent potential ranking drops - which, as you see from the traffic monetization feature - have a very high value! Keywords that have a low CTR relative to their position are at high risk of losing ranking positions, especially after core algorithm updates. Our machine learning technology identifies these underperforming keywords, so you can optimize accordingly and avoid losing top spots in Google.

Figure 3: CTR curve in the Underperformer Report

Unlimited segments and keyword alerts

As a business suite user, you can set up unlimited segments and keyword alerts. Segments are perfect for analyzing a subset of your website data. You can set them up for keywords or URLs, for example, if there is a particular category of your website that you are responsible for, you can set up a segment for this.

Keyword alerts mean you can find out if your high-level keyword metrics change. Set a threshold and be notified per email if a keyword or URLs drops or gains in clicks, impressions, CTR or position. Save time and resources by getting information about your important keywords straight into your inbox!

Figure 4: Keyword alert email


With a Ryte Business Suite account, you have a dedicated key account manager to support you using the Ryte tool. You’ll receive trainings and onboarding (either via telephone conference or onsite), and our dedicated key account managers are happy to help wherever you need, whether advice about what segments to set up, or what data makes sense to export with the API, helping you get the best business value out of the Ryte suite.


The Ryte Business Suite Account is a must-have for brands and larger websites who rely on their website for revenue. The Ryte Suite enables you to carry out a holistic analysis of your technical website quality, search performance, and content quality. With daily analyses, hundreds of thousands of URLs, and help from your Key Account Manager, the Ryte Suite will help you reach your website’s full potential, ensuring more users, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more profit and revenue.

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Published on Dec 18, 2019 by Olivia Willson