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The Ultimate eBook for In-House SEOs

Deciding whether to set up an in-house SEO team is an important decision for companies. There are many advantages of having an in-house SEO team, such as having more control over the team, employees who know the business inside out, and quick reaction times if anything goes wrong.

If you’re thinking about whether to set up an in-house SEO team, or you’ve just set one up, this ebook will provide you with helpful tips and practical insights for how to go about your daily business.

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Is your company an agency that focuses on online marketing, SEO/SEA, or web design services?

What you will learn in this ebook:

  • Why do companies need an in-house SEO team?
  • Which skills should an in-house SEO team have?
  • The daily tasks of an in-house SEO team
  • How to measure success and track progress

Who is this ebook for?

Any company considering setting up an in-house SEO team

Companies with new in-house SEO teams

SEO beginners and experts

Anyone wanting to ensure the technical success of their website

About the author(s):

Irina Hey is a passionate online marketing expert. She has published numerous articles on website optimization in relevant books and journals. Until April 2018 she worked as a Product Owner of Acquisitions at Ryte.

Eva Wagner is an experienced content marketer. Until May 2018 she was a member of online marketing team at Ryte. Using her creativity and the knowledge of current topics, she was responsible for the German Ryte Magazine and the Ryte Wiki.